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Selling your Boat or Yacht should be easy. There are many companies you could use but most only really offer you part of the puzzle. Waylen Bay will put together all of the pieces and provides you with complete service. Waylen Bay Marine Brokerage provides you all the major exposure & marketing of America’s largest firms while still giving you and your Boat or Yacht the attention and quality of service you deserve.

Listing your boat with Waylen Bay is simple. Provide us with some basic information and we take it from there. We give your Yacht an in-depth review and gather all the vessel details. We meticulously notate all the great features of your boat to highlight them in our marketing process. Buyers are shopping your boat against others at their fingertips and need to know all the benefits of your boat in a concise manner. Pricing your boat right is a key part in gaining the attention of prospective buyers. We use in-depth market research, past and present, to get a fair price for your vessel. Our goal is shorten the timeframe from listing to selling as much as possible.

Anyone can put a boat listing online but only a few can Market a boat. We stress quality over quantity when taking photos/videos and posting your boat. Our Brokers have the experience take the great features of your vessel that buyers are looking for and promote those attributes generating serious interest in your boat. We make sure your boat is listed on all the most searched web platforms, (YachtWorld, Boat Trader, and more), and make available featured advertisement to increase views of your boat to prospective buyers. Unique search listings may also be created on Google putting your boat directly at the buyer’s fingertips. Your Boat is also promoted within our local networks, social media, and at every major area boat show.

Let our experienced Brokers Sell your boat like no one else can. We bring qualified & interested parties for detailed showings and are able to sea trial the boat as necessary. Our Brokers make sure to highlight the great features of your boat to ensure all potential buyers are thoroughly informed of why your boat is the best of the best. Our experience means we know all the boats in the industry and how to compare and sell your boat over another your buyer may be shopping.

Closing a boat is an involved process. Our team is equipped to make that process as smooth as can be for both parties. We work with local surveyors to provide quality and trusted surveys on your boat. Our office will facilitate all paperwork and documentation needed for closing the sale, providing guidance to all involved parties.

Boat sales are made all across the world. We have the personal to Deliver your boat wherever the sales process takes it without interruption. Our professional boat captains are experienced, licensed, bonded, and ready to set sail!

Our skill and experience help sell your boat every step of the way. Should your vessel need any repairs before time of sale, our trained service team is equipped to handle it all without the hassle or complication of bringing in 3rd parties. Our technicians are also trained to update or customize your boat or yacht to any buyers liking. We can tailor your boat to make sure it’s the perfect fit for its new home. Our personal touch makes the difference between a boat showing and a boat sale.

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Interested in using our brokerage services to sell your yacht or want to know more about our vast selection of brokerage yachts we have available for purchase? One of our yacht brokerage experts would be happy to answer you questions.

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